Where can I find more information about the event?

www.thisthat.com.au or our Facebook page

I have a ticket enquiry

Please contact Oztix directly at info@oztix.com.au for all ticketing enquiries.

Do I need to purchase a ticket to the event

YES, presale tickets will be available for purchase where pre-purchasing is advised as the event may sell out in advance:

Early Bird $109.90 + bf
Second Release $119.90 + bf
Final Release $129.90 + bf
All That $159.90 + bf
All That Final Release $169.90 + bf

Outlet: Oztix.com.au

Line up Announce: July 2nd
Members Presale: July 4th
GP Onsale: July 5th

Is this an all age’s event?

NO, it is an 18+ Event. Proof of Age identification will be required, and wristbands will be issued for those wishing to purchase alcohol at the event and all those who enter the event.

What are accepted forms of identification?

A. VALID/CURRENT Photo ID is required in the following formats for entry:

  • Passport
  • Photo Driver License
  • Keypass- VIC and TAS
  • RTA Photo Card – NSW

Can I drive to the venue and park?

There is a main public car park area located near to the event site precinct. The Event Car Park will be:
Bolton St Car Park
Hunter Car Parks – Newcastle
For all Parking enquiries: Phone: 0448 079 387 Web: http://www.huntercarparks.com.au/

In addition to this, the following car parks will be open for use:
King St Parking Station
Civic Car Park
Gibson Street Car Park
Car park use will be at rates of car park management and user charges.

Should I catch public transport?

Public transport is recommended if you are planning to attend this event.

Extra services bus and regular ferry services to and from Newcastle and surrounding areas will be running
throughout the day. Timetables and notices can be viewed on the following website link:

Normal train services to and from Hamilton/Wickham Interchange train station will be running throughout the
day as per normal schedules.
A downloadable timetable along with further information will be available at: www.thisthat.com.au or Visit
Transport NSW Information

Will there be Police at the event?

YES, you can count on it. We have been working closely with Police to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all. Any drug activity, antisocial behaviour and general public safety issues will be monitored and managed closely by the event staff, security and police.

Will I be able leave the event at any time and be allowed back via a pass out system?

NO, there are no pass outs given at the event. Once you leave the event you will not be allowed back in.

Will there be access for mobility impaired people?

Yes, mobility parking is available within the nearby Public Car Park at the Bolton St Car Park. Mobility access to the event is available with toilets provided for mobility patrons. Security and event staff at the gate and car parks can assist with access support if required by notification at entry gates upon arrival. Any persons wishing to register their arrival and specific needs can do directly so via: PHONE: 02 9280 0557 / EMAIL: indiah@mothershipevents.com.au

Will food and beverages be available at the event?

YES, Food and beverages will be available for purchase within the event site. Food and beverages will include all the usual beverage types including fresh juices, tea and coffee, gelato and a variety of hot food.

Will there be ATM machines at the event at the event?

YES, there will be EFTPOS available at the Box Office and also at selected service areas. There will also be an ATM Machine area within the event site. The exact locations of these will be shown on the event map that will be available for download from the event website closer to the event date.
Please bring ample cash with you as we also tend to run out of cash at these events so please be prepared and don’t rely on cash access or availability all day.

Will toilets be available at the event?

Numerous and an ample amount of portable toilets will be available at the event for patron use. There will be more than one location around the site of portable toilets so they can be accessed easily throughout the event. All toilet areas will also cater to disabled /mobility impaired persons.
When at an event please plan your toilet trips as there may be queues. Public urination and improper conduct will result in ejection from the event and Police fines. There will also be a downloadable map available at the event website that shows locations closer to the event date.

Will there be seating at the event?

Assorted table and chair seating will be available within the event site. No raised seating will be permitted onto the event site.

What happens if the event is cancelled?

This event is scheduled to go ahead rain or shine; however extreme weather may result in a cancellation for safety reasons. Cancellation of the event will be broadcast via media outlets such as radio, TV and websites. There will be personnel at gates to inform anyone who missed out on messages via media. All VMS signage will be changed to display cancellation messages.

Is there anything I should remember to bring to the event?

Gates open at 1.30pm for this event. Remember to wear suitable attire for the weather (hats, sunscreen if hot). If you wish to enter the event or an age restricted area, you MUST show Proof of Age identification upon entry.

Will there be cloakroom at the event?

Yes, bag, jackets and other items will be able to be checked into the cloakroom. There will be a designated cloakroom area that will incur a charge.

Will my bags be searched at the event?

Yes, bag checks will be carried out upon entry to the event and there will be no pass outs issued

Can I Smoke at the event?

YES, you can smoke at the event only in the licensed areas of the event. Within these licensed areas are designated smoking areas where patrons can smoke. Smoking outside these areas is prohibited. Smoking inside enclosed areas is prohibited. Smoking is at your own risk and you are expected to abide by health laws pertaining to smoking.

Can I purchase tobacco products at the event?

NO, there will be no retail facility or purchase of smoking products at the event.

Is there anything I should NOT bring to the event?

You must NOT bring any of the following items into the venue:
• food or beverages including water (other than for personal special dietary requirements)
• raised seating
• umbrellas
• video cameras or professional recording equipment
• glass
• knifes, weapons, packages, flares or fireworks;
• any object that could be used to distract, hinder or interfere with any patrons including a laser pointers;
• any flags with poles;
• animals (apart from authorised guide / companion dogs);
• any dangerous goods; and
• any other items deemed by management to be dangerous or capable of causing a public nuisance. Any
items considered unsafe will be confiscated upon entry bag checks

I have special dietary / medical needs; can I bring food, medication or specific beverages to the event?

Yes you can….you can request this and gain approval via email / fax to Mothership Events office. Any persons wishing to register their arrival with such items and specific needs can do so by contacting:
PHONE: 02 9280 0557 / EMAIL: lilli@mothershipevents.com.au / FAX: 02 9280 0526

You will need to follow this procedure upon completion of the application:

  1. Supply of letter from doctor confirming your condition and its requirements
  2. Supply a list of items you wish to bring in to the event
  3. Please note that you will still be required to pass through entry processes of the event
  4. Presentation of this email / fax approval form at the entry gates will confirm your exception to the event rules

Accessibility, inclusion and special needs

If you are one of our peeps and need a hand with access, inclusion or just needs some specialist information,
please contact us directly at:
PHONE: 02 9280 0557 / EMAIL: lilli@mothershipevents.com.au / FAX: 02 9280 0526
Keep and look out for further info tips on our website!