Froth & Fodder

Artisan produce made with passion and perseverance that provide not only a unique taste palette but immerses you in a mixologist medley.The experience is premium, with a summer afternoon session in mind. The sun will set in style with premium suds, slushies with a kick, beard stroking brews and savoury aperitif mixes.

Hang tight for the reveal of the brands that will be bringing you your thirst-quenching brews.

SUDS – The Beard Strokers

Festival Food Experience

The forage is back! Bringing more to the music, our festival food experience takes you on its own journey…



Fresh from the region, gourmet offerings in a food street precinct about the story, the source and the sustainability of:
– The Plant Base – Vegan, vegetarian and plant-based delights.
– Paddock to Plate – Regional cuts from a single source and sustainable farming
– Grains of Wisdom – Grains and Grits is coming! Ancient organics, healthy and comforting delectables

A new wave cultural journey in food and its interactivity between earth, life and us


The Back Alley Festival fast food faves to binge when you just a need a power surge on your travels between stages…. milkshakes, cronuts, chips on stick, gozleme or just a generous serve of gelato to keep the party going.

ALL THAT // VIP FOOD by The Edwards

Newcastle’s favourite and iconic bar, restaurant …just all round, The Edwards is the heartbeat of foodie scene in Newcastle! This is the ultimate VIP experience, where those who get in early will be ALL THAT, when chowing down with The Edwards!