The festival food experience

Bringing more to the music, our festival food experience takes you on its own journey….

Fresh Eats from the Streets

Festival feasting is such an integral part of festival culture…nature takes back the planet, so we bow down to all things natural healthy and delicious. Farm to fork, paddock to plate…a bowlful of nature meets street eats.

Organics, free ranged, plant based, wholesome wholefood all brought together to keep your holistic self-one with nature and its beautiful surrounds.

The Back Alley

Festival fast food faves to binge when you are just a need a power surge on your travels between stages… milkshakes, cronuts, chips on stick, gozleme or just a generous serve of gelato to keep the party going.


Six Strings on Tour

Six String Brewing is proudly the NSW’s Central Coasts first home grown craft brewery with our brewery and tasting room in Erina. We are all about great beer and great music, a combination which we think is the ultimate collaboration.

The beers are preservative free, unpasteurised and unfiltered, giving the fullest possible flavour to our range.

Especially brewed for the Central Coast fitting right in to the beach lifestyle and synonymous with the Central Coast, the brewery also produces Limited-Edition Seasonal range and Small batch brews.

Six Strings Cider

 Our buds at Six Strings are brewing up a special batch Cider just for THIS THAT, so it’s  bound to be special! True to their form, its rich with a coastal summer surf culture intertwined with music notes to peak your senses.

MIXOLOGY – Vodka, Seltzer & Jack

 From Vodka Blends, Seltzers & Aperitifs to Jack & Ginger Cocktails… a mixer for cooling down a long awaited summer session! Don’t forget the festival fave, Vodka  Red Bull to wind up the vibes and feel it in your bones!

Smirnoff’s Spiked Sparkling Seltzer

The taste of Smirnoff’s  spiked seltzers is carbonated, flavourful malt smooth, but not too sweet flavours notes.

In line with getting in touch with nature, it is a healthier alternative. 90 calories, No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, with natural flavours and “zero sugar added”  beyond the all natural fermentation.

Pinked & Pimped Gin

Pink Gin Fizz, Soda and Spritz in the sun in a flowing green field. Sound and taste like summer…. we can’t wait to have one with you!!