Interactivity and Experience

Voyeurism, the object, the subject and you? We twist our way through that answer this year at THIS THAT.
Tech, interactivity and shock that will pull you in …literally! A dimension demolition on your senses for those looking to break way form the norm. Get your click on, be part of the play and ogle at oddity….

KAVORKA – The Other Stage

…. the lure of the animal. WTF you may say…exactly, the element of surprise, find out for yourself!

PROVOCATION PODS – One for the wicked

Perversion is a type of human behaviour that deviates from that which is understood to be orthodox or normal.
Crooked Twist / The Ritual / Dominatrix / Nude Model

Watch or if you want, join in…if you dare.

REALITY THERAPY – Transformation Station

Transform into your sense of reality with glamour Glitter Crews, hair braid stations, beard pimping and festival
crowning. Release your inner festival fairy or animal spirit….

THE OTHER CLUB – Ya’ not on tha’ list

The most exclusive spot on ground. Are you an insider or outsider…it’s for the festival kings and queens only?
Don’t ask, don’t try…you’ll know if you should be there.